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RoConnections Magazine

 September 2019 Issue

Welcome to RoCo!

We at RoCo had fun putting together this first issue of the 2019-2020 academic year for you. Its pages are filled with helpful info for the days ahead. The past few weeks of the semester have been filled for many firsts -- the first day of classes, the first time for some) away from home, the first time with a new professor, and many more firsts unique to each of us.

As far as we're concerned, these firsts are as exciting as New year's day! It's a chance to begin again. It's the opportunity to wipe clean the slate of the past and start anew.

It's the beginning of an exciting journey for the new students who enter Rosemont's Undergraduate College as first year or transfer students, and those adult students who begin their studies in the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. They are all now members of this special place and community we know and love as RoCo.

And, how about this fun fact --those beginning the first of their four undergraduate years at Rosemont will graduate in 2023 - one year after our Centennial Year. They will help to usher in the next 100 years of Rosemont's history! How exciting is that?

We hope you enjoy ths issue of RoCo! Remember, we love to hear from you. So, be in touch. #RoCo #RoCoDays #RoColsBack