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Male latino student in his twenties wears a graduation cap and gown and smiles at an outdoor graduation ceremony. 

April 2019 Issue

Welcome to RoCo!

Here we are again. Tomorrow is May 1st. How is it that another academic year is nearly over?

These last few weeks of March and April have been host to some of the College’s most important and memorable events. Whether it was the fun of Founders’ Week, the excitement of Decision Day, the pride of Academic Honors Day, or the stress of final exams and Senior Comprehensive Exams and Cap- stone Projects --- all have kept us very busy, and have served as reminders that Rosemont College is a community. And, a close one, at that.

If you can believe it, only 11 days remain until the College celebrates its 96th Commencement ceremony. And, don’t blink, because the festivities of Reunion will take place on June 1st and 2nd!

Which brings us to this issue of RoCo. Not only is it full of the latest news of our Rosemont community, but it will briefly introduce you to some of our 2019 graduates. They have truly made the most of the POWER of small during their time at Rosemont, and they will continue to live it in their lives after Rosemont. We will be bursting with pride on May 11th as they each walk across the stage to accept their well-earned diplomas and join the alumni community.

And, that is the best part. Our students’ journeys with Rosemont don’t end with Commencement. After all, the word Commence- ment literally means “a beginning or start.”

So, as this 2018-2019 academic year comes to a close, let’s all remember that Commencement isn’t an ending. It is the begin- ning of a new chapter. We all always have a home at Rosemont. After all, another Rosemont Reunion is just around the corner.

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PS – We’ll be back on September 19 with the first issue of RoCo for the 2019-2020 academic year. Don’t forget to stay in touch over the summer – we love to hear from you!

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