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Quick!  Name an organization on Rosemont's campus that includes faculty members, students, staff, and administrators as equal partners? If you had trouble thinking of one, that's understandable, but if you thought of The Petaltones, congratulations!   

The Petaltones is Rosemont College's  rock and roll/jazz/funk/gospel/show tune/R&B/and sometimes country musical combo. Our motto is "We suffer for our music. Now it's your turn."  We get together to learn new songs every year and hold a performance for the College community every April in association with Founder's Week. Our mission is simple: Anyone who has an interest in musical performance is invited to come. We do not hold auditions, so anyone with any degree of talent is welcome. And hopefully as you can see from  this paragraph, we don't take ourselves too seriously. (Well, a little seriously.) 

Over the years, we have performed more than 100 tunes (never one repeated) and have featured over thirty singers from the student body. We pride ourselves on having fun and putting out the best sound we possibly can. We see ourselves as an embodiment of the College's mission to create "a community of learners" who exhibit the "joy of learning."