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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union was recreated at Rosemont College in 2016. Since then we have focused on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community.

In this organization,  foster a fun and safe environment that engages our students in a discussion on issues affecting us and the surrounding communities. We hope to educate our members then challenge them to take action, whether it be internal or external. We hope to lead by example and push students to be better than their best. We hope to show past generations that we will take charge of our future, dismantle the negative stereotypes, build and secure our sense of community, and influence the world.

Our vision for BSU is to serve the Rosemont Campus with cultural, educational, and social initiatives as we aim to build leaders, promote unity and contribute to student success. That is why our theme this year is S.T.R.I.V.E., which stands for “Service, Tenacity, Reflection, Intellect, Virtue, & Excellence”. This was chosen because we want to show our students the value of serving those around us, being tenacious about our dreams until it becomes our reality and the importance of reflecting on our history as well as past failures and successes. We also hope students grow in their personal life and leave Rosemont as integral and virtuous people. We believe these are the keys to excellence and hope that students will find value in these six words and truth in our message.