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Rosemont College Blogs

Image of Rosemont Campus in Spring, with Main Building in background and yellow tulips in foreground.

Kaushik Dhanyamraju

Faith & My Internship

Kaushik Dhanyamraju - December 01, 2016

It all started on a cold November afternoon. I was all snuggled up in my bed, registering for classes to take for the Spring 2016 semester while resisting the urge to take another one of my lengthy afternoon naps. Suddenly, I found myself in what could be described as a tight situation: I only had 3 classes and a lab equating to 10 credits registered, which left me 2 credits short of eligibility for a full-time student status and for the NCAA, and the other required courses for my major in Accounting were not going to be offered in the spring. Suddenly, my inner Jimmy Neutron sprung to life and I had a brain blast; in this brain blast, my mind bellowed the one golden word that would solve my predicament: INTERNSHIP!

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Alix Cozen

How I Celebrate My Faith - Alix Cozen

Alix Cozen - December 01, 2016

Judaism has always been a part of my life. It has shaped and molded my values and beliefs. It has taught me humility and empathy for everyone and everything around me. And it has empowered me and it's defeated me. The only thing Judaism will not do to me is leave me.

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How Do I Celebrate My Faith

Erik Ranstrom - November 30, 2016

Faith, for me, is a daily beckoning to trust, and entrust myself to, a world of unseen and imaginative reality that pervades the seen and the ordinary. This beckoning comes from beyond myself, from the utterly mysterious and loving reality that the Church comes into contact with through the enigmatic presence of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified and risen, one in being with the Father.

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Coach Daney

Coach's Corner- Cross Country

Evan Daney, head Cross Country coach - November 29, 2016

“Official! ...Official, I would like to sub this runner in for that one, at the bottom of the next hill.” Wouldn’t it be great if this is how running races worked? I am glad they don’t.

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Archana Ganta

How I Celebrate My Faith

Archana Ganta - November 29, 2016

As an Indian American, I struggled with balancing Indian culture and American culture. At home, our household was fully immersed in practicing and appreciating Indian culture and my family’s faith, Hinduism.

tags: studentlife

Nabiha Khan

How I Celebrate My Faith

Nabiha Khan - November 21, 2016

There are many ways in which I celebrate my faith. The most basic and fundamental ways in which I practice my religion are through the Five Pillars of Islam: prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, and belief.

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Election Poster Design Project

Maggie Hobson-Baker - October 04, 2016

Students were charged with finding the type to include on their posters and with the creating the focus of their poster - Get Out the Vote, Statistics, Political Party Platforms, etc

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Basket Ball Player

Coach's Corner: Great Citizens. Great Students. Great Teammates.

Robert Hughes, head coach of the men's basketball team - October 04, 2016

We want student-athletes who want to be serious students, young men who look to achieve to their maximum potential in the classroom. On the court we want players that accept a role, give maximum effort and are willing to sacrifice for their teammates.

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Coach Lynn

Words of Wisdom

Coach Lynn - October 04, 2016

Take it for what its worth but I contend and encourage you all to believe that...every experience is a worthwhile experience.

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Hunger And Homelessness

Kerry Madden-Director of the Cornelian Service Corps - September 28, 2016

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week is a national effort with an international focus. Days before Thanksgiving, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HHAW) is an opportunity to remind us what we’re thankful for, while calling to mind those, who in our global society, are experiencing hunger and homelessness. Defined as a social movement, HHAW is a platform where everyone involved can play a part in highlighting injustices, and put pressure on lawmakers to make positive change that will unite our society.

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"Do you remember your first election?"

Rosemont College - September 22, 2016

We asked the Rosemont community if they remember their first election they voted in or if they ever wanted to be president?

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Kathleen McCarthy

Welcome to the Hill

Kathleen McCarthy '18 - September 09, 2016

Read Kathleen McCarthy's journal entries while she interned for Congressman Dave Trott from Michigan in Washington, D.C.

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Derrick in France

Derrick's Semester in France- Two Weeks

Derrick Cline - August 26, 2016

I’ve discovered which cafes are true cafes and which ones are the tourist traps. I find myself passing fanny-pack wearing, giant-map-toting, photograph-taking families thinking “silly tourists”, before realizing that I have only been here two weeks and the locals probably say the same thing about me!

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HippoCamp 2016

Marshall Warfield - August 11, 2016

I hope to run into other alumni and current students from the publishing and creative writing programs throughout the weekend. But it’s not all shaking hands and talking about Rosemont College. I will be presenting a talk on strategies that creative nonfiction writers can steal from poets in order to craft better essays.

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Bonjour & many cheers from across the pond, Ravens!

Bonjour & many cheers from across the pond, Ravens!

Joanna Listino - August 09, 2016

If you haven't had the pleasure of traveling to Europe, Ravens, I highly recommend you begin to research doing so. There is a wonderful feeling unlike any other, when you stroll the cobblestone streets of a historic city and allow yourself to absorb the culture. The next time you visit a new city, allow yourself some quiet time to explore with your own thoughts. Walk around, scope out your surroundings, talk to the locals, and allow yourself to take it all in.

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Students enjoying the view

Hey There From England

Joanna Listino - August 08, 2016

The next couple days will be spent absorbing Paris, London, and eventually making my way back to Christ Church. I am excited to continue this exciting adventure and learn as much about the history, culture and locals as I can.

tags: academics, studentlife

Mary Kate

'Ello from England Ravens

Mary-Kate - August 03, 2016

The Global Study trip has been amazing thus far. To be in Oxford studying and living at Christ Church College has been such an incredible opportunity. It also has been extremely humbling to be traveling with my fellow classmates and other students from other majors.

tags: academics, studentlife

Joanna selfie, in an office building, showing off the Philadelphia skyline

Global Studies

Joanna - August 02, 2016

The post graduate classes have been both educational and enlightening. I find myself enjoying this scholastic adventure as an adult far more than I did as an undergrad. I've had the excellent opportunity to meet tremendous people who share the same passion for education and growth as I do.

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Mary Kate smiling in an all blue dress and gold earings, her hair is parted to the right side of her face

SGPS Global Studies

Mary-Kate Kaminski - July 18, 2016

Hello Ravens! My name is Mary-Kate and I am thrilled to take you all along for the SGPS Global Studies trip to Oxford. Students from the Undergraduate, SGPS, and University of the Science undergraduate students as well as Global Studies Staff are heading to the UK in just 17 days! We are all so very excited!

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Tawni Waters with three Rosemont Colleg graduate students

For Creative Writing Students: What Your Teacher Wishes You Knew

Tawni Waters - July 08, 2016

First of all, you are some of the best things about our lives. We love teaching you our precious craft. We love listening as you expound on the virtues (or follies) of the Hemingway, Joyce, Walker, Atwood you’ve just read. We love watching your work evolve during the time that you are with us. We love hanging out with you and hearing about your life. We love learning from you.

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