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T-Tones Recordings from 1968

Joe Darrah - May 31, 2019

A blast from the past, go back in time with these recordings of the T-Tones from 1968!

The T-Tones were a close-harmony singing group that began in 1952 originally as an octet that extended out from the Schools Glee Club. The group received their name after spending a large portion of their time performing in the Tea House. Beginning in 1957, the T-Tones began playing at Glee Club Concerts as special guests.

The group consisted of 15 students until they became completely independent of the Glee Club and admission was reduced to 11. The group was also noted for writing and recording an album of their own work in New York City on Nov. 6 and 7, 1967

Today: Members of the T-Tones are at Reunion Weekend, and a collection of their work has been digitized for your enjoyment!

Cited From: Carol Cregan, “T-Tones Scrapbook,” Rosemont College Archives, accessed May 31, 2019.


 Rosemont College T-Tones 1968 LP - Side A

 Rosemont College T-Tones 1968 LP - Side B