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Meet Your Tour Guides

Aaron Piniti--male student of color

Name: Aaron Pinninti  ’17

Major: Biology with pre-health/ Drexel pre-med program (3+4 Fast Track Program)

Hometown: Cheltenham, PA







Alan Jier--male international student from China

Name: Alan Jier ’17

Major: Business and Finance

Hometown: Mongolia, China








Alarica Jurnet--caucasian student

Name: Alarica Jumet

Major: Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Albrightsville, PA








Diamond Tubbs--African American male

Name: Diamond Tubbs ’17

Major: Communications

Hometown:   Fort Washington ,MD








Elijah Jalloh--African American male

Name: Elijah Jalloh ’18

Major: Forensic Criminology (Sociology Track)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA








Gabrielle Ferrara--caucasian female

Name: Gabrielle Ferrara ’19

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Havertown, PA








Katie Gushka--caucasian female

Name: Katie Gushka ’19

Major: Psychology (Minor: Sociology +Ethics)

Hometown: Swoyersville, PA








Grace Muguwe--female international student from Zimbabwe

Name: Grace Muguwe ’17

Major: Biology

Hometown: Gweru, Zimbabwe








Karina Torres--female student of color

Name: Karina Torres ’18

Major: Accounting and International Business

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA








Lizzie Walton--caucasian female

Name: Lizzie Walton ‘17

Major: Biology with pre-health/ Drexel pre-med program (3+4 Fast Track Program)

Hometown: Levittown, PA








Maddie Polino--caucasian female

Name: Maddie Polino ’19

Major: English and Communications

Hometown: Lumberton, NJ








Malik Slye--African American male

Name: Malik Slye ‘19

Major: Business

Hometown: Washington D.C.








Marcus Smith--African American male

Name: Marcus Smith ’18

Major: Business

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA








Mary Manfredi--caucasian female

Name: Mary Manfredi ’18

Major: Education

Hometown: Wanamassa, NJ








Nathan Navarro--male student of color

Name:Nathan Navarro ’18

Major: Biology with pre-health 3+4 track

Hometown: Wynnewood, PA








Sweta Rao--female student of color

Name: Sweta Rao ’19

Major: Biology

Hometown: Fredonia, NY








Taylor Mohr--caucasian female

Name: Taylor Mohr ’17

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA