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Group of ethnically diverse and attentive students in class with Professor Perkinson, a caucasian male

"We are proud to see our friends at Rosemont taking this bold step. Financial issues are among the biggest concerns many of our students have when deciding which college to attend. We often see juniors and seniors searching for quality, values based higher education, but are frequently deterred by the price of that opportunity. The Our Tuition Promise initiative will provide much needed clarity for these students and their families, helping them to realize that a Rosemont education is within reach”.

John Cooke, President, Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast

"I have never been more impressed with Rosemont than I am today when I received your letter.  What a wonderful, smart, compassionate approach to the tuition problem which exists today.  Having lived through 4 Grandchildren ( 6 more to go) applying to colleges/universities I am shocked at the ridiculous tuition prices.  You are giving a great gift to so many by doing this. Thank you for having the courage and wisdom to do this."

Penny Fishel McDermott Carr '59

"Bravo!  Want a powerful step forward!"

Karen Clark-Schock, PsyD '75

"We are with you one hundred percent on this news !!!  We feel that Cornelia Connelly would be in total agreement that this is the way to go !   It is wonderful that our Rosemont is taking a leadership role in this movement.  We have five children.  Four are married with families.  Two grandchildren are already in college.  Four are in high school, and three are moving along in grammar school.  So we are very aware of the national discussion on college tuitions and how they have become so very high.  And we understand how the high tuitions have made it difficult if not almost impossible for many families to consider small private colleges.   So again, Good for Rosemont !!  We look forward to hearing more."

Mel and Elizabeth R. Rollins '59 

"My "Hats Off" to you, Dr. Hirsh, and to your Board for putting common sense back into college pricing.  I hope your approach proves to be exceptionally prudent and guarantees Rosemont College's continued success.  I am a husband of a Rosemont graduate,class of '59. You will not only be getting her annual financial support, but now MY support as well.  My donation to Rosemont will replace the annual one I make to MY University.  Why?  Their tuition, room and board fees are absurdly high - so high we discouraged our three children from even applying there.  Secondly, we felt our support was insignificant as their prices ballooned out of sight.  We hope history proves your decision is the correct one.!!  A little guts can go along way.  Congratulations."

Miss Duryea's husband  - RBG

"Bravo! Sharon,A most exciting message.  Rosemont is leading the always."

Mitzi Needham

"Bold move. I hope it turns out well for all involved."

Donna Peronace '81

"Here's hoping that the lowering of tuition will start the dialogue needed to repair the current model. Very proud of Rosemont College. Always have been."

Lee Gallagher Ramsey '83

"I'm glad someone cares about affordability for education."

Jacqueline Shivers Nichols

"Totally bold move....I really hope it works to preserve the amazing culture and education..... Congrats to Sharon Hirsh! "

Sue Wickersham Sproat

"Great news! I hope other educational institutions follow your bold move."

Pam Jennings Lyons

"Rosemont is awesome! Great educators; great campus; caring community."

Kathleen Kelly Boyce

"Congratulations on a very bold move... Be assured of my continued support. Take care and hi to all my friends at Rosemont."

Maura Concannon, '58