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Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration MSHCA

Rosemont College’s Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration will help prepare you to seek leadership and management positions in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations. The rising costs and shifting accessibility of quality healthcare are critical issues to individuals and organizations nationwide. Effective leadership in the industry could help improve management structures and find solutions to unique challenges facing individuals and communities. The Rosemont College MSCHA Program is 100% online, providing the flexibility for you to determine when and where you will complete course work – mornings, nights, lunch breaks or weekends – it’s up to you. All courses will be offered in a seven week accelerated format, and the program can be completed within 18 to 24 months.


 “The pleasure of teaching both undergraduate and graduate accelerated classes is the ability to truly know and understand the students we serve. After thirteen years of teaching, I am more enthusiastic than ever about the POWER of small and Rosemont’s mission to mentor every student with personal attention and a desire to make their learning meaningful not just for today abut for their entire lives.”


 – Tom Blades

The 33-credit program is entirely online. 


 Program Courses Include:

HCA 6000

 Information Technology in Healthcare (3 credits)

HCA 6001

 Healthcare Organization and Administration (3 credits)

HCA 6002

Economics of Healthcare and Public Policy (3 credits)

HCA 6003

Risk Management and Patient Affairs (3 credits)

HCA 6005

Psychosocial Aspects of Health (3 credits)

HCA 6006

Long-term Care Administration (3 credits)

HCA 6009

Healthcare Models Across the Globe (3 credits)**

HCA 6010

Ethical Issues in the Administration of Healthcare (3 credits)

HCA 6011

Community Health Assessment (3 credits)

HCA 6012

Leadership in Healthcare Administration (3 credits)

HCA 6060

Thesis (3 credits)*


 *Students may waive their thesis if they take additional coursework leading to one of two business certificate programs:

Entrepreneurship Certificate - two extra classes

Leadership Certificate - three extra classes



** The Global Study Program campus

May be taken in place of Global Awareness

This is an in-depth study of the global business community. Participants will travel to a major international city and examine the implications of conducting business abroad. Students will observe cultural differences, organizational structure, leadership theories/practices, technology, legal, political, social, and ethical issues. 

Completed online application

Official undergraduate transcript from an accredited four-year college or university

copy of current resume Written documents can be e-mailed to


Convenient evening courses

Accelerated seven-week sessions

Rolling admissions

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Tuition discount for all IBC/AHA employees

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Rosemont SGPS Admissions Counselor

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