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Image of young African-American college student with her hands on her hips outside a college building. She wears a denim jacket, has her hair in a straight ponytail, and is very slim and attractive.Rosemont encourages all students to consider an internship as part of the experiential learning component of our robust liberal arts curriculum. Information on credit and non-credit internships is available in the Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success. If you know of an Internship opportunity, or you'd like to share a previous internship experience, email us at

 Internships allow you to develop your skills in a professional environment. By completing assigned tasks within a set amount of time, interning gives you the opportunity to observe and experience an occupation before committing to it as a career. The opportunity also allows you to apply the theories and practical skills you learn in a classroom in a first-hand manner.

Full semester internships are student-initiated and are arranged for qualified students in most disciplines with the approval of a faculty member in that field. If you're interested in arranging an internship, please contact your advisor or the Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success.

 Internship Criteria

  • You must apply for internship credits in a timely manner, completing the forms available in the Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success by the end of drop/add period.
  • The application must include a detailed description of the terms of the internship and evaluative procedure to be used during the semester.
  • A minimum of  thirty two hours at the internship site is required for every academic credit you receive. Every student must have an on-site sponsor who takes responsibility for teaching the student, avoiding merely routine tasks.
  • The Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success will assist the faculty advisor in monitoring and evaluating the internship, visiting the site where feasible.
  • The student will keep a journal, write papers, or perform other reflective written assignments, as directed by their academic advisor. These assignments are not necessarily the student's only obligation for the course.
  • There will be an evaluation form for the student and the supervisor as part of the internship experience.

Credits for internships will be determined by the department based on duration and academic merit of the internship.

 "I applied for an Internship with the Norristown Police Department during the Career Fair.  I was so eager to start an internship and followed up with the Police Department.  They called me in for an interview.  After the interview I was really anxious about it.  The Norristown Police Department then called me and said I got the internship.  I was super excited. I did the internship over the summer and had a phenomenal experience."

- Tamani Smalls - Internship with Norristown Police Department

Current Internships

 Previous Internships 

  • Center for Creative Works
  • Amazon
  • Main Line Health Home Care Hospice
  • Yoh A Day & Zimmerman Company
  • Behavorial Interventions
  • Kelsch Associates
  • Gelman, Rosenberg and Freedman, CPA's
  • Peachtree Manor
  • Women's Center of Montgomery County
  • KYW News Radio Station
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • 6ABC
  • Devereux
  • U.S. Postal Inspector
  • DL Tax Consultants
  • Lower Merion Counseling Service
  • CI Solutions
  • Philadelphia Defenders Association
  • ABA2Day Behavior Service
  • Philadelphia Mental Health Center
  • LinGroup
  • Campaign for Working Families
  • Hidden River Arts
  • Kindred Hospice
  • Stimulus
  • Bitescourt 


Internship requirements vary by major as follows:

 Academic Internships


                             Course                                                      Course#                Credits                          
 Accounting, B.S. BUS-0455 1 credit
Biology, B.A.  BIO-0460 3 credits
 Business, (all tracks), B.S. BUS-0455 1 credit
 Chemistry, B.A. CHE-0460 3 credits
 Communication, B.A. COM-0495  3 credits
 Education, B.S. EDU-0455 6 - 12 credits
 English, B.A. ENG-0420 0 - 3 credits
 *History, B.A.  HIS-0482 No internship requirement
 History of Art, B.A. ARH-0480 0 - 3 credits
*Mathematics, B.A.  ECR-0405 No internship requirement
*Philosophy, B.A. PHI-0485 No internship requirement
Political Science, B.A. PSC-0455 3 credits
*Psychology, B.A. PSY-0461 No internship requirement
Theology & Religious Studies, B.A. RST-0480 No internship requirement
Sociology, B.A. SOC-0455 No internship requirement
Sociology, B.S. SOC-0455 9 credits
Studio Art and Design, B.A. ARS-0496 No internship requirement
Studio Art and Design, B.F.A. ARS-0496 No internship requirement
Studio Art and Art Therapy, B.A.   3 credits
0 credit internship ECR-0400 0 credit
Elective Credit Experiential Learning ECR-0405 1 - 12 credits

  *No internship required for major. Student must complete an experiential learning requirement   (Internship, Study Abroad, Service Learning or Research).