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history class

The study of history is invaluable to the understanding of the human experience. According to the American Historical Association, history helps us to understand people and societies, the importance of history in our own lives, moral understanding, identity, and good citizenship.

The history major provides students with an appreciation of the variety of world cultures. Students, through their historical studies, learn how religious, economic, social, and political institutions make one culture distinct from another, and how these institutions developed over time.

Through their study, students acquire research and reporting skills that are useful in teaching, law, social service, government, journalism, business, and museum careers.

Academic Opportunities

History majors don't just learn about history, but obtain marketable skills for a variety of career paths. The history program can be tailored to meet the needs and special interests of students. With the small size of the college, faculty members are easily reached and students have the ability to work with faculty members on professional research projects. 

Past Internships

Local Historical Societies Pennsylvania Museum Commission Sites
Atwater Kent Museum News Organizations


Rich Leiby

Director History, Associate Professor
rleiby@rosemont.edu610.527.0200 xt. 2312
Michelle Moravec
History, Associate Professor
610.527.0200 xt. 2403