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Without chemistry the world as we know it could very well not exist, we could have never learned how to preserve food, to cure illness, to create vaccines and much more.

The chemistry major at Rosemont provides students with the knowledge necessary to establishing a successful career in a variety of industries and post-graduate study. Students majoring in chemistry are required to take courses including: a year of general chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, analytic chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.

Supporting courses include: physics and calculus. Within this program students are provided with a firm foundation for planning for graduate study and chemistry-related careers. Students are not required to engage in research and internship opportunities but these opportunities are a typical part of the student chemistry experience.

Academic Opportunities:

  • Hands-on Laboratory Experience

  • Research Opportunities

  • Assist professors conducting research in organic chemistry and marine biology as well as microwave-assisted polyol process for the synthesis of nano-crystalline alloys.

  • Opportunity to Present Research Findings

  • Small Class Size

  • Faculty Mentor




John Ullrich, PhD

Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Environmental Studies

610-527-0200 xt. 2374



Xiuni Wu, PhD

Assistant Professor
610-527-0200 xt. 2373