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Sport Management Major


The Sport Management program includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and an Interdisciplinary Sports Studies Minor. These programs provide a foundation of study in business applied to the sport industry, its products, and its services.

The primary goals of the program are (1) to develop an in-depth knowledge of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating (the core management functions) within the context of a sport business organization; (2) to develop competent leaders for the various professions that focus on sport, with an emphasis ethical leadership and social responsibility; and (3) to provide the foundation for students who desire to continue their study in graduate or law school.

The program provides the theoretical and practical framework for a number of professions that focus on leadership roles, including youth, amateur, and professional sports; recreation, college, and university sports; sport commissions and governing bodies; marketing, sales, operations and finance management for professional sports organizations, sporting goods manufacturers, and event and facility management.

A well-rounded business degree with a focus on sports management skills is essential in this rapidly growing field. The course content within this program strongly emphasizes a critical analysis of ethical decision making as it applies to sport industry management.

Sports Management degrees allow students to seek many career opportunities. Students have the possibility working in:
coaching franchise operations
player relations marketing
sports law

sports product development.

Sport Study Minor

The Sport Study minor will be attractive for Secondary Education majors who may wish to lead K-12 athletics events as part of their future teaching career. Also, the minor will serve well Communications Majors who wish to enter a Sports-related Communications profession. With numerous professional, collegiate and amateur sport industry organizations in our local area, our students will have ample access to job shadowing opportunities to complement their classroom learning.


Sport Management Faculty 

Christine Hagedorn in her classroom. She has long blonde hair and stylish glasses. She wears a grey pantsuit.

Christine Hagedorn
Assistant Professor, UC Business