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Major Requirements for a BS in Management

Students majoring in Management take courses in all the major functional areas of business and accounting. These courses emphasize application of knowledge and theories to organizational situations, preparing students for entry to the business community. The liberal arts courses taken by the students enable them to attain proficiency in communication skills and critical thinking as they become responsible members of society.

For students considering graduate study in Business or Accounting, the program offers the essential courses that graduate schools require. Students contemplating graduate school should take Calculus I and II.

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Science degree in Management  requires 120 credits.

General Education Requirements approximately 48 credits

Nine credits from the Business major may be applied towards General Education requirements.

Required Courses
BUS-0100 Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
BUS-0220 Statistics I & Problem Section 3 + 1 credits
BUS-0221 Statistics II & Problem Section 3 + 1 credits
BUS-0240 Management Information Systems 3 credits
BUS-0300 Organizational Theory of Management 3 credits
BUS-0305 Introduction to Finance 3 credits
BUS-0350 Marketing 3 credits
BUS-0455 Internship Varies
BUS-0490 Senior Seminar 3 credits
  2 Business or Accounting Electives 6 credits
ACC-0100 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC-0101 Financial Accounting II 3 credits
ACC-0200 Managerial/Cost Accounting 3 credits
Required Supporting Courses
ECO-0100 Introduction to Macro-Economics 3 credits
ECO-L100 Macroeconomics Problems & Applications 1 credit
ECO-0101 Introduction to Micro-Economics 3 credits
ECO-L101 Micro-Economics Problems & Applications 1 credit
PHI-0270, BUS-0230 Business Ethics OR Corporate Ethics & Responsibility 3 credits



The remaining hours are electives and can consist of business or accounting classes, but should not be limited to only these areas.