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Class of ethnically diverse students

The Bachelor of Science in Finance provides a specialization for students who want to pursue graduate studies and/or employment within this field. The major in Finance prepares students to work in the fields of banking, insurance, financial analysis, wealth and investment management, in the government sector: raising and deploying capital, providing support for day-to-day cash management and pension fund support. In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Science degree in Finance requires 120 credits.

Required Courses Course Number Credits
Legal Environment of Business BUS-0100 3
Statistics I + Problem Section BUS-0220 & 0222 3 + 1
Statistics II + Problem Section BUS-0221 & 0223 3 + 1
Management Information Systems BUS-0240 3
Organizational Theory of Management BUS-0300 3
Introduction to Finance BUS-0305 3
Marketing BUS-0350 3
Internship BUS-0455 Varies
Senior Seminar BUS-0490 3
Financial Accounting I ACC-0100 3
Financial Accounting II ACC-0101 3
Managerial/Cost Accounting ACC-0200 3
Required Supporting Courses Course Number Credits
Introduction to Macro-Economics ECO-0100 3
Macroeconomics Problems & Applications ECO-0102 1
Introduction to Micro-Economics ECO-0101 3
Microeconomics Problems & Applications  ECO-103 1
Business Ethics
Corporate Ethics & Social Responsibility
PHI-0270 or
International Finance   3
Investments BUS-0420 3
3 Electives Chosen from the Following Course Number Credits
Money and Fixed Income Markets BUS-0310 3
Real Estate Investments and Finance   3
Derivatives and Financial Risk Management   3
Intermediate Corporate Finance   3



Christine Hagedorn smiling with glasses on in front of a building

Christine Hagedorn

Assistant Professor, UC Business