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good counsel hall

Upcoming Dates:
Fall Registration. 
Registration will re-open on the iWay  for undergraduate students on August 20th.  Add/drop ends Tuesday, September 4th.  No registration changes will be accepted after that date.  SGPS Fall registration will remain open until the add/drop for that session has passed.

The Registrar's Office maintains academic records of all students who are enrolled for academic credit.   The office also enforces FERPA regulations.

Some of our areas of responsibility include:

  • Publishing of master schedule of courses and classroom assignments
  • Conducting registration
  • Processing of drop/add course adjustments
  • Collecting grades, processing of grades and mailing of semester/session grade reports
  • Publication of the academic calendar
  • Scheduling of final examinations
  • Ordering of diplomas
  • Preparation of graduation lists and publication of the Commencement Program.
  • Providing letters of enrollment verification for health insurance and employment purposes
  • Verifying student enrollment for the National Student Clearinghouse
  • Verifying enrollment for students eligible for Veteran's benefits
  • Facilitating inter-institutional registrations with Villanova, SEPCHE schools and the CIC Consortium