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M.S., Strategic Leadership

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Why Rosemont College?

Flexible and personalized course schedule for working adults. Dedicated and passionate instructors  who provide individualized mentorship and real-world expertise. Curriculum centered around innovative and practical ethical leadership skills designed to help you acquire
the necessary skills to lead.

Welcome to Rosemont College's 
Master's in Strategic Leadership

"My leadership courses gave me many beneficial strategic tools to use in my position as pastor and chief instructor at SEPTA. I am confident they will help me in  the future as I enter the field of consulting. My plan is to use my experiences and newly gained knowledge from Rosemont College to help organizations move forward."

- Timothy Roberson
MS in Strategic Leadership, 2018

Rosemont’s Master of Science in Strategic Leadership degree is designed for current and aspiring leaders who want to be at the forefront of organizational and societal change. Gain a competitive edge by ensuring your education and skills are relevant and up-to-date with 21st century leadership practices.

With a focus on innovation, change management, and leadership development, the program's coursework emphasizes the practical application of ethical leadership concepts and skills, technology, critical thinking, organization innovation, decision-making, and creative problem-solving. Students in the program learn how to communicate and lead in a culturally-diverse environment at the organizational level. 

Attend an institution whose core values — trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person, diversity in human culture and experience, and persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion — are central to all of our classroom methodologies.

Online or Traditional Format

Rosemont’s MSSL Program takes great pride in meeting the needs of our students. Choose from an accelerated online or a traditional classroom format. 

The online MSSL is in an accelerated format, meaning that each course last seven weeks. The program is comprised of 33 credits in total, and students can complete the degree requirement in less than 24 months (18 months on average). Generally, there are no prerequisites to course selection except that the thesis is completed at the end of the program. In addition, the 33 credits are made up of 11 defined courses (no electives within the program).

MSSL Courses



The Rosemont MSSL program enables graduates to:
Acquire fundamental leadership skills to become more effective within an organization. Learn multiple facets of organization behavior in the context of leadership theory and practice.
Learn theories of leadership within personal and professional contexts. Learn management theory through leadership and the human application within organizations.
Acquire knowledge specific to your area of business interest. Learn from instructors who have real-world business experience in a supportive and personal learning environment.