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Required Courses

Forensic/Criminology Evaluations, Assessment, & Expert Testimony from the Sociological Perspective
Social Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Moot Court Room: Procedures, Practices & Courtroom Etiquette for Forensic Sociology/Criminology Related Cases
Professional Report Writing for Forensic Sociologists & Criminologists: Crime Scene, Memos, Emails, Court Reports, and More
Professional Ethics and Forensic Sociology/Criminology Practice
Socio-Legal Aspects of Civil and Criminal Law
Internship Varies



Forensic Evaluations & Social Interventions of Abuse Cases
Social Forensic Interviewing Strategies and Skills
Socio-Legal Conditions and the Workplace
The Correctional System: Individual and Communal Perspectives
The Police Functions: Local, State, and Federal Innovations
Victimology: Social Forensic and Criminological Perspectives
Criminal Attack Pattern and Survival Skill Responses
Cold Case Analysis and Solutions
Cyber and Economic Crimes: Patterns, Detection, and Prevention
Crime in the Media
Topics in Forensic Sociology/Criminology
Independent Study