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M.A. in Education and PK-4 Certification

This program is ideal for students who have a degree and major other than education who desire a career change to become certified in PA as an early childhood and elementary teacher PK-4. The coursework can be completed, including student teaching, in a year and an additional summer of classes or on a part time basis.


 EDU 4500 -Child Development Learning Theories  3.0
 EDU 4503(FE)- Elements of Effective Instruction  3.0
 EDU 4506- Historical & Philosophical Foundations  .75
 EDU 4510 -Identity & Development of the Young Child   3.0
 EDU 4508- Classroom Management Strategies  1.5
 EDU 4512- Technology in the Curriculum  1.5
 EDU 4560 (FE)- Language Development & Literacy Foundations  3.0
 EDU 4570 (FE)- Literacy Development for Social Studies and Science 3.0 
 EDU 4580 (FE)- Instructional Methods for Mathematics 3.0 
 EDU 4590- Classroom Assessment and Analysis 3.0 
EDU 4514- Teaching the Fine Arts 1.5 
EDU 4516- Motor Development for Children 1.5 
EDU 4520- Teaching English Language Learners (ELL) 3.0 
EDU 4530- Introduction to Special Education 3.0 
EDU 4540- Special Education Legal Requirements 3.0 
EDU 4550- Teaching Special Needs Students 3.0 
EDU 4600- Student Teaching/ Seminar 6.0 
 Total Courses and Credits:                                 17 Courses / 45.75 Credits


(FE) = FIELD EXPERIENCE hours accompany these course requirements. 

STUDENT TEACHING is a full-time "position," five days/week, minimally 7-8 hours/day for fourteen weeks. Student teaching may be scheduled for the fall or spring semester. Timely SEMINARS are scheduled during the Student Teaching assignment and are conducted by the Supervisors of Student Teachers on campus.


PK-4 Certification Only

Course plan includes all the courses listed above except for EDU 4510. Total 42.75 credits


The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all PK-4 Certification candidates to have taken the following courses prior to entry into the PK-4 Certification Program.  These courses may be taken on the undergraduate or graduate level.
2 college level mathematics courses
1 literature course
1 English composition course
Please refer any questions to:

Denise M. Falconi, Ed.D.
Director of Teacher Education
610-527-0200 xt. 2321