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Rosemont College Mission


Rosemont College is a community of lifelong learners dedicated to academic excellence and fostering joy in the pursuit of knowledge. Rosemont College seeks to develop in all members of the community open and critical minds, the ability to make reasoned moral decisions, and a sense of responsibility to serve others in our global society.

Rooted in Catholicism, Rosemont welcomes all faiths and is guided by the principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus to meet the needs of the time.

Rosemont College Values

  • Trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person;
  • Diversity with a commitment to building an international community;
  • Persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion;
  • Care for the Earth as our common home.

The Mission of Rosemont College flows from the educational philosophy of the sponsoring religious congregation which opened Rosemont in 1921, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. This philosophy is imbued with the spirit and educational principles of the Founder of the Society, Cornelia Connelly. This Holy Child education is a clearly defined yet flexible ideal, rooted in Christian values and expressions, attuned to learning opportunities that enable students to respond to life with joy, zeal and compassion.

The only College in a world-wide network of Holy Child educational Institutions, Rosemont is grounded in the Holy Child philosophy which encourages students to meet diversity and change with confidence in their own gifts and in God, who has made covenant with the human family.

Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Founded in 1846 by Philadelphia-born Cornelia Connelly, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus is an international order of women religious who participate in ministries of education, health care, social work, pastoral care, administration and law. Although many elementary and secondary schools are sponsored by the Society worldwide, Rosemont College is the single institution of higher education that was founded by the sisters and carries on their heritage.

Cornelia Connelly

Painting of nun Cornelia Connelly, founder of Rosemont College.The life of Cornelia Connelly was anything but typical. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 15, 1809, Cornelia defied the norms of her time. She became a wife, mother of five children, Catholic nun, and ultimately, the Foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, an order of Roman Catholic Sisters.

Cornelia’s spirit of boundless love, compassionate zeal, and steadfast faith continues to influence the work the Sisters of the Holy Child do today.


Yearly Mission Theme

2019-2020 Theme

Rooted in Catholicism, Rosemont College welcomes all faiths and is guided by the educational principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus to meet the needs of the time.

View the Mission

To enable the College to learn the theme, all of the constituencies of the College receive a mission theme prayer card and a bulletin board banner. A large mission banner decorates the entrance to Cardinal Hall, a daily reminder of the theme. Professors integrate the theme into classes where appropriate; staff meetings reflect on the theme; mission theme orientations are shared with all new members of the college community; first year students study the theme in their seminar course.

The mission lays the foundation for the Campus Ministry office and the Cornelian Service Corps - this is where students learn to put the College mission into action.