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Parking Rules & Procedures

  1. The roads on campus are private lanes maintained by the college for the convenience of its personnel, students, and their invited guests. These roads are used for pedestrians and vehicular traffic; all vehicles must be operated at or below the posted speed limit of 15 Miles Per Hour.
  2. These regulations apply to all students, faculty, staff, administration, volunteers, outside contractors/vendors and visitors to the campus. All Pennsylvania laws and regulations pertaining to the use of motor vehicles apply to all drivers and vehicles that are on the campus of Rosemont College.
  3. Department of Public Safety is responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations and may impose traffic control restrictions as required.
  4. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to amend and/or modify the Rules and Regulations on Parking with or without advanced notice. For an up to date copy of the Rules and Regulations please stop by or contact the Public Safety Office at 610-527-0200 ext. #2554, or go to the Public Safety web site.
  5. Permission to park or operate a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended to the registrant by Rosemont College. It is in no way to be considered a right of the registrant.
  6. . The registration of a vehicle on campus does not guarantee a parking place but affords the registrant an opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when a parking space is available.
  7.  Parking on campus throughout the year, including break periods, is by permit only. Parking regulations regarding handicap spaces, fire lanes/zones, and obstruction of other vehicles, traffic, or roadways will be enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  8.  Loading and unloading in front of buildings is permitted for no longer than 10 minutes with the vehicles emergency flashers on. There will be no exceptions to this.
  9.  The college is not responsible for losses, due to theft or damage to vehicles while parked on college owned property.
  10. Conference parking, special events parking and all temporary parking requirements are to be scheduled in advance and approved through the Department of Public Safety by the college sponsor or host.
  11.  Infractions of these parking regulations by registered vehicles are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle on campus. Infractions by non-registered vehicles are the responsibility of the driver.
  12.  All students are responsible for their guests while on campus.
  13.  All roads are two way, including the road in front of Good Counsel and Mayfield unless otherwise marked. To eliminate a traffic hazard, the drive through the porte-cochere at the Main has been designated as one way as well as Lawrence and Kaul Drives.
  14.  Rosemont College employees and students are not permitted to perform any maintenance or repairs on privately owned vehicles.
  15.  All disabled vehicles must be reported to the Department of Public Safety by phone. Notes left on vehicles are not considered sufficient notice to the Department of Public Safety.
  1. Vehicle registration for faculty, staff, administration and campus employees of outside contractors (Aramark, Dining and Bookstore) are valid for the period of their employment at Rosemont College. Students must be registered annually with the Department of Public Safety. The registration year extends from August through August of each year.
  2. . All fines must be paid before a parking permit for the new "registration year" will be issued.
    3. The registrant’s first permit will be issued at no charge. All additional permits will cost the registrant twenty dollars ($20.00).
  3.  You may register your vehicle at the Public Safety office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, holidays excluded.
  4.  Temporary permits may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety and must first be displayed before parking a vehicle on campus.
  5. All parking permits are to be hung from the rear view mirror with the print and tag number facing the windshield. All hang tags must be secured properly, a hang tag fallen from the rear view mirror will not be accepted as an excuse to alleviate fines.
  6. Administration, faculty and Staff and campus employees of outside contractors should register their vehicle (s) on the first day of their employment. Parking permit applications are available in the Public Safety office. Applications must be completed along with applicant’s Drivers License, registration card, insurance information and Rosemont College I.D. card must be presented before a parking permit will be issued.
  7.  All vehicles parked on college property must display a valid parking permit and license plate with a valid registration sticker.
  8.  Undergraduate Residents, Non-Residents, Graduate, Professional Studies as well as all other non-matriculated students must register their vehicle each year with the Department of Public Safety by the end of the drop/add period. ANY UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE STUDENTS LIVING AT ROSEMONT COLLEGE ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER THEIR VEHICLE DURING THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF EACH SEMESTER. Student applications must be completed and turned in at the Public Safety Office along with their valid drivers’ license, valid owner’s registration, valid insurance card and a Rosemont College student identification card. Public Safety will then issue a parking permit for the appropriate registration year.
  9. Students and employees requesting parking permit applications to replace lost or stolen permits will be charged twenty dollars ($20.00). Students registering a vehicle and placing a permit on a different vehicle will be fined Fifty dollars ($50.00).
  10.  Posted reserved parking areas located in various parts of the campus are designated for specific users only.
  11. Handicap spaces are available in front of Lawrence Hall and also in the Lawrence, McShain, Chapel, Kaul, Connelly, Alumnae and in front of the Fitness center. Handicap spaces are reserved for vehicles with a state issued handicap license plate or placard only.
  12.  Offices with guests coming onto campus are required to notify the Department Public Safety to receive a temporary parking permit. Faculty, Administrators or Staff who invite guests will be responsible for any and all infractions of their guests.
  13.  Visitors to campus should be directed to the Kaul parking lot.


BLUE - Administration, Faculty, and Staff ORANGE - All Rosemont College students
GREEN - Kaul Hall Lot only. RED - Trustees
Alumnae Hall (Gym Entrance) BLUE, ORANGE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) Alumnae Hall (Side Entrance) BLUE, ORANGE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)
Cardinal Hall BLUE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) Mayfield Lot BLUE
Curwen Drive BLUE, ORANGE Heffernan Hall (Rear) ORANGE
Immaculate Conception Chapel BLUE, (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)(2 spots are reserved for Admission’s visitors only) Kaul Hall (Rear Lot) BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN
Kaul Lot VISITOR PARKING, (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) Lawrence Hall (Rear) BLUE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)
Lawrence Hall (Front) BLUE , VISITOR PARKING (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p) Main Building Rear BLUE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)
(2 spaces, 1 handicap)
Mayfield Hall BLUE ONLY (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)
(Rear 2 spaces, 1 handicap)
 McShain Circle BLUE ONLY (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)
McShain/Brown Center BLUE,ORANGE White Hall Lot BLUE, ORANGE (Mon-Fri, 8a-5p)


Moving Violations:

Driving at an Unsafe Speed. Careless and/or Reckless driving.
Failure to obey traffic controlling devices. Failure to yield to pedestrians.
Refusal to obey an Officer.

First Offense = $25.00 Second Offense = $30.00
Third Offense = $35.00 Fourth Offense = Parking Privileges will be Revoked
  1. Parking in handicapped spaces. $50.00 (Plus Towing)
  2.  Blocking Vehicles and/or Roadways. $25.00 (Plus Towing)
  3.  Obstructing other vehicles or traffic. $25.00 (Plus Towing)
  4.  Parking in the President’s reserved space $25.00 (Plus Towing)
  5.  Parking in all other reserved spaces $25.00 (Plus Towing)
  6.  Parking on roadways or on roadway shoulders. $25.00
  7.  Parking and/or driving on the grass $15.00 (Plus Cost of Damages)
  8.  Parking in reserved or loading spaces. $15.00
  9.  Parking in a prohibited area. $15.00
  10.  Parking in violation of a posted or pavement painted sign. $15.00
  11.  Parking in a lot without a properly displayed and valid parking permit.
  12.  Taking more than one space or failure to park within the fog lines and
    designated spaces. $15.00
  13.  Parking improperly is a violation. $15.00
  14.  Placing a valid permit on an unregistered vehicle. $50.00
  15. Park an unregistered vehicle, alter a permit, or fail to properly display a
    current parking permit. $15.00

Parking Violations for Fire Lanes: $25.00 fine plus towing

  1.  All roads on Rosemont’s campus are considered fire lanes.
  2.  Parking in the rear and side of Brown Science building and Rowitt
    Performing Arts Center.
  3.  Parking in the front of the Library, Cardinal Hall Circle and area beside
    Connelly Hall.
  4.  Parking in the Kaul Hall Circle and roadway beside Kaul Hall leading to the
    parking area.
  5.  Parking in the rear of Lawrence Hall.
  6.  Parking in the Front, side, and rear of Mayfield Hall
  7. Parking on the side and rear of Heffernan Hall
  1. The Registrant of the vehicle or guest of a Student will not receive any
    other notice other than the original traffic/parking citation.
  2.  Citations will be issued and violators fined accordingly. Maximum three
    violations - on the third unpaid violation, the vehicle is subject to
    immobilization and/or towing. If a fixture is attached to the vehicle, all fines
    and penalties must be paid before the fixture will be removed. Removal of
    the fixture will cost an additional Twenty-Five dollars ($25.00).
  3.  All citations must be paid within one week of the date issued. If the citation
    is not paid within the specified time limit, a Two Dollar ($2.00) penalty will
    be imposed for each week the citation remains unpaid.
  4.  If students have outstanding fines at the end of each semester, grades
    and/or transcripts will be withheld until such fines are paid.
  5.  Any individual that has any outstanding fine(s) will be unable to register
    their vehicle(s) until such fine(s) are paid in full.
  1. Any individual that receives three (3) Moving Violations will have their
    parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the semester.
  2.  Parking privileges may be revoked for the remainder of the academic year
    if an individual receives five (5) violations for any offense. The decision to
    revoke parking privileges will be the sole discretion of the Director of
    Public Safety.


  1. Enforcement towing will be done by MLH Towing Service - (610) 664-2900
  2. A minimum towing fee of One Hundred Thirty-Five dollars ($135.00) will
    be charged by them. CASH ONLY!!! There will be an additional storage
    charge of Twenty-Five dollars ($25.00) per day.
  3.  Unauthorized vehicles parked on campus; vehicles blocking fire lanes;
    vehicles that are immobilized obstruct traffic; create a hazardous
    condition; vehicles that are abandoned (as defined in the PA Vehicle
    Code) or impede the normal functions of the college are subject to towing
    at the owner or operators expense.
  4.  Lower Merion Police may at anytime come onto campus and cite vehicles
    illegally parked in handicap spaces and tow vehicles parked in fire lanes
    and in front of fire hydrants.
  5.  No warnings or phone calls are made to the owners or operators of any
    vehicle before it is towed, except in cases of an emergency if time permits.
  1.  Citations may be appealed within seven (7) days of the date on the ticket.
    An appeal form MUST be filled out within the allowed time period. TOWING IS NOT SUBJECT TO APPEAL.
  2.  It is the complainant’s right to appeal any citation in person at the College
    Parking Board hearing, or the complainant may choose just to fill out an
    appeal form. Appeal forms may be picked up at the Public Safety Office
    during the College business hours.
  3.  All appeals will be heard by the college parking board; the decisions of
    the parking board are final and will not be reheard.
  4.  You will be notified by mail by the chairperson of the Parking Appeals
    Board as to the decision of the Board in reference to your appeal.
  5.  If the appeal is denied, the fine must be paid within three (3) business
    days of the parking board's notification.

The following representation will make up the College Parking Board:

  • Board Chairperson – Dean of Students
  • Prosecutor – Director of Public Safety (Does not have a vote)
  • Complainant – Person appealing the ticket (Does not have a vote)
  • Members of the Board will consist of the following: (Voting members)
  • 1 – Undergraduate Women’s College Resident Student Representative
  • 1 – Undergraduate Women’s College Commuter Student Representative
  • 1 – Undergraduate Faculty Member
  • 1 – School of Graduate Professional Studies
  • 1 – Graduate School Representative
  • 1 – Administrator (Non-Senior Staff Member)
  • 1 – Staff Representative


The College parking Board should meet at once a semester at a date,
time and place designated by the Chairperson. The Chairperson will
be responsible for notifying the complainant of the date and time of the
meeting. It will take 4 members of the Board to constitute a quorum.
The Chairperson will not vote unless there is a tie in which the
Chairperson will break the tie by casting a vote. The Prosecutor and the
Complainant do not have a vote.

The process for appealing parking citations has also been changed in
which parking appeals can either be made in writing or may now also be
made in person. If made in person the complainant will come in front of
the board and make their appeal. The Board may ask questions but there
is to be no discussion or vote taken until after the complainant is excused.
The Complainant will then be notified by mail if their appeal has been
accepted or rejected.