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Our Tuition Promise

Rosemont In the News about Our Tuition Promise.

Public Safety Advisory

Yesterday, the Office of Finance and Administration sent an email to all Rosemont students, faculty and staff to inform them that federal authorities have notified colleges and universities in our region that threats of violence have been made against "an unspecified university near Philadelphia," for Monday, October 5th. Information was also posted by the College on Facebook and Twitter to alert the community.

THE SPIRIT WITHIN: Faces in the Philadelphia Art Community

Lawrence Gallery at Rosemont College is pleased to announce a new exhibit "The Spirit Within: Faces in the Philadelphia Art Community" on display

INDIA: Beauty in the Everyday

For over 25 years Diane Pieri was deeply immersed in the almost unearthly beauty of Indian miniatures. Pieri was solely inspired through books until she was awarded a 2012 Independence Foundation Grant to travel to Northern India, the geographic source of her desire to create beauty in the everyday world. The images in Pieri’s paintings are translations of and reactions to intensely colorful experiences from her trip to India.