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Ethnically diverse group of male and female students in class with Professor Perkinson, a caucasian male

The total amount to be raised is $40,000,000.

The Case Statement outlines how the $40 million will be allocated:
Rosemont Experience Fund - $12 million
Campus Master Plan - $3.5 million
Athletics Plan - $3 million
Community Center - $13 million
Endowed Scholarships - $5 million
Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility - $2 million
The Fund for Catholic Thought & Culture - $1.5 million

The College’s research, with Ketchum’s assistance, has revealed that the College’s current potential donor base (comprised of alumni & friends of the College) does have the capacity to meet the $40 million goal. In fact, our donor base screening revealed that 10% of our base has the capacity to make a major gift. The national average is 5%. In addition to our current donor base, we intend to reach out to new individuals, foundations, and corporations.

The Annual Fund is the title Rosemont has historically used to describe the Fund that was solicited each year to cover operational costs. The fund has been renamed The Rosemont Experience Fund. An integral part of the Campaign, the Rosemont Experience Fund will support the annual operations of the College that provide each student with the educational experience that is unique to Rosemont. This fund will provide the College with the flexibility to place resources where they are most needed. These funds are used to support financial aid, academic and faculty support, technological improvements, and other annual operating needs.

The Rosemont Experience Fund will encompass the operational expenses, as well as increased funding for our robust plan of new and enhanced academic initiatives and the infrastructure necessary to deliver a quality education.

Yes, the Rosemont Experience Fund is $12 million of the $40 million being raised by the Campaign, so gifts to the Rosemont Experience Fund are part of the Campaign and will be credited as such.

Like many institutions of higher education, our expenses exceed the revenue that is generated through tuition. We are committed to making a Rosemont education affordable & attainable, so we have decided to keep our tuition in the mid-range of our competition. In order to make up the

difference, we need to raise funds. And, in order to grow and thrive, as the Strategic Plan outlines, we need even greater funds, hence this Campaign.

We’ve done our research into this question, and interestingly enough, the answer is YES! During other economic downturns, giving to non-profits has not fallen as much as public opinion believes it has. The Campaign's progress to date has confirmed this fact.

You can contact Rennie Andrews, assistant vice president for the Campaign at 610.527.0200 xt. 2952 or via email at