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Welcome to RoCo! 

We at RoCo had fun putting together this first issue of the 2017-2018 year for you. Its cover features the fun of this past weekend’s New Student Orientation.  Its pages are filled with images of how you spent your summer and helpful information for the days ahead.  As for us, we spent it preparing for the semester that is now upon us.  But, we are hardly complaining.   Today is the first day of classes for the Undergraduate College.  And, as far as we are concerned, that is as exciting as New Year’s Day.  It is chance to begin again.  It is the opportunity to wipe clean the slate of the past and start anew.  It is the beginning of an exciting journey for the new students who enter Rosemont’s Undergraduate College as first year or transfer students, and those adult students who begin their studies in the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. They are all now members of this special place and community we know and love as RoCo.  And, how about this fun fact -- those beginning the first of their four undergraduate years at Rosemont will graduate in 2021 – the 99th year of Rosemont’s history!  How exciting is that? 

We hope you enjoy this issue of RoCo!  Remember, we love to hear from you.  So, be in touch.  Email us at or connect with us through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #RoCo #RoCoLove #RoCoDays  #RoCoIsBack


Summer is over, and the semester has begun.


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