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Rosemont Admissions

Main Building in early autumn. tree at the edge of the picture, leaves beginning to turn

The Rosemont College undergraduate admissions process is designed to create opportunities for any student showing the potential for success. We have a team of admissions counselors who are there to help students and their families navigate the entire application through enrollment process.

Our students are academically well prepared for college, but we look beyond grades and test scores. We look for students who we know will be successful at Rosemont College—those who will benefit from and excel because of our small size. We look for students who want to develop their leadership skills while learning, playing sports, and getting involved in the entire college experience.

The feeling of walking onto campus the first time is something remarkable. The small campus is home to many residential and commuter students. The friendly environment is something special. Schedule a time to come and see it first hand by Visiting Us. Our tour guides will show you around campus and how alive it is!

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