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Political Science

Group of ethnically diverse and attentive students in class

The political science minor offers two tracks of study, a general political science track and an international relations track.

The international relations track requires 18 credits of coursework chosen from the following courses. 
PSC-0290 Introduction to International Relations 3 Credits
PSC-281 Intro to Comparative Politics 3 credits
PSC-295 American foreign Policy 3 Credits
PSC-103 Introduction to American Politics 3 Credits
4 Electives from the following courses:
BUS 480 – Introduction to International Business
COM 215 - Intercultural Communication  
HIS 362 - Origins of the Great War   
HIS 363 - Europe Since 1945  
ECO 100 - Introduction to Macro-Economics  
PSC 265 - International Organizations  
PSC 283 - Politics of Sustainability  
PSC 287 - International Security  
PSC 288 - Model UN  
PSC 295 - American Foreign Policy  
PSC 360 - International Political Economy  
WST 245 - Gender, War, and Peace: What if Women Ruled the World?  
Any foreign language course at 300 level or higher  


The political science track requires 18 credits of study from the following courses: 
PSC- 0101 Introduction to Political Science 3 Credits
PSC-0103 Introduction to American Politics 3 Credits
Four political science electives 12 Credits
The pre-law track requires 21 credits of study from the following courses: 
PHI-0100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 Credits
PHI-0230 Introduction to Logic 3 Credits
PSC-0260 Constitutional Law 3 Credits
PSC-0261 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 3 Credits
PSC-0340 Conflict Resolution 3 Credits
WRT-0240 Business Writing 3 Credits
PSC-0455 Internship 3 Credits