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Teaching Certification in Spanish

Those who seek certification in teaching of Foreign Language receive special instruction in linguistics and methodology by foreign language faculty in addition to courses offered in the Education program. Advising, field placement, and preparation for proficiency examinations are provided by Professor Conwell (Coordinator of Foreign Language Certification Program). Students interested in earning a teaching certificate should consult with her as early as possible to plan a course of studies. (See course sequence under Education Department).

Business Certifications from the Spanish Government

Majors, minors, and any students at the 400 level of proficiency in Spanish are encouraged to prepare for and earn one of the Business Certifications from the Spanish Government. These are valued, not only by businesses, but also by organizations and school that hire individuals with a solid knowledge of Spanish. General and specialized courses in business Spanish (see SPA-0305, SPA-0306) help students to prepare for the official Spanish Examinations of the Camara de Comercio e Industria de Madrid. Rosemont College is an authorized testing center.