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Business Management

Ethnically diverse male and female students in the classroom

According to the recent data, salaries are rising for people who hold business degrees. Students who choose to major in business often find quicker success no matter which career path they take.

Rosemont College offers a Bachelor of Science in Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, or International Business. These programs are designed within the framework of the liberal arts specifically to broaden students’ understanding of how businesses work and grow while developing highly sought after skills such as critical thinking, analysis and leadership.

Because postgraduate degrees are increasingly valuable to business leaders, Rosemont offers a dual degree program. The dual degree program provides a BS in an accelerated program and an MBA through the School of Graduate Studies, taking approximately 4½-5 years of study.

Business Specialization

For those students wishing to specialize in a specific field, Rosemont offers degrees in accounting, finance, international business, and marketing.